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Meal Plan 39: Happy Meals

This week, I am posting the paleo meals that make my kids the happiest. If your palate yearns for comfort food, this meal plan is for you. My children, the pickiest eaters ever, will actually eat these foods with minimal to no complaining–which is a miracle! For the kids, I make these meals either in... read more →

Shopping List 39

Meat and Poultry (organic, grass-fed, etc.)beef, ground – 2 pounds chicken, rotisserie – 1chicken thighs, boneless and skinless – 2 pounds sausage, bulk Italian, nitrate-free – 1 pound Seafood whitefish fillets (e.g. flounder), wild – 1 pound Dairyeggs – 5 butter, grass-fed – 2 TbspProduce*avocado – 1 asparagus – 1 pound butternut squash, small to... read more →

Honey-Orange Fish

So, to finish out Rob Week, he gave me this very simple recipe. Well, it was originally even simpler, but I just had to add some orange to the honey. Let me tell you, don’t let the simplicity make you think this isn’t great. It is surprisingly delicious. Next time, I’ll get more fish because... read more →